diumenge, 2 d’abril de 2017


Hi families,

As you already know, we left Plaça Zamenhoff at 9:30. Well, from there we went to the airport in Barcelona. At 11 o'clock we were checking our luggage. Half an hour later we were passing through the security control and after that, we had our breakfast. At a quarter past twelve we walked to our gate and at 12:45 we boarded the plane.
At 13:10 the plane started to move and 20 minutes later we took off.
During the flight some of us did the dossier, but some others talked, listened to music or slept. During the flight there weren't any problems.
When we arrived, we passed through the passport control and collected our luggage. After that, the group split between the ones who were going to Exeter and the ones who were going to Bath.
Finally, we took the bus to Exeter and from there, everyone was picked up by their host family, who took us home.
It was a long and exciting day!
Mar Julià and Montse Massagué

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